Bitcoin blackjack with faucet: strategies and rules

BlackJack is known for casinos across the globe. With centuries of history, this game can be in the palm of your hands and, within reach of a few clicks, playing blackjack online.

Let’s go back in time to explore this game with centuries of history, teach your basic operation, tips to increase your chances of winning and even share with you how to play blackjack online can help you.

The History of Centuries

Blackjack, or simply 21 as nicknamed in different casinos and known to players, has a centuries-old heritage. It goes back to the times of Miguel de Cervantes, the world-famous author of D. Quixote, book where this game is mentioned.

Centuries later, much has changed in the world, but this game remained active with few changes, probably only in the material and the way it is played. Nowadays it is already possible to turn your cellphone or computer into a real online casino, thus taking advantage of playing blackjack online, wherever you are. Pay attention to games like roulette, online poker playing them, you can win great bonuses!

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The Game is Simple

Learn how to play blackjack. Blackjack rules are fairly uncomplicated. Players have to win the dealer in 3 different ways:

  • Achieve 21 points in your cards;
  • Get more points than the dealer as long as these points do not exceed 21;
  • Get the dealer’s hand to exceed the 21-point mark, giving him the win;
  • Many players talk about blackjack strategies to win. In fact, this is a game that involves great memorability so that players can decide what their best moves are, count the cards and know what to do and when to do it.

How to win bitcoins in blackjack?

Although luck is also involved here, the player’s abilities play a key role in making decisions at the right time in order to win or avoid losses. The rules of blackjack are easy.

When playing against a sexy dealer who seeks to make you redemption, that is, lose or give up, you must ignore the distractions and follow some important rules to increase your chances of winning:

  • Stay when the result is 12 if the dealer has a number equal to or less than 6;
  • Exit when the result is 16 if the dealer has a value equal to or greater than 7;
  • Exit when result is 17, stay if it is 18;
  • Always divide the Ace and the 8s;
  • Split a pair of 7s if the dealer also has a pair of 7s;
  • Duplicate when the result is 10/11 if the sum is greater than the dealer’s card.
Bitcoin blackjack

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Anonymous casino online is the best casino where every player can deposit funds via bitcoin payment system, play blackjack or blackjack live. And while many players may think that this is not possible, the truth is that many online casinos offer this opportunity.

The luxury of playing for free, something you do not have access to in a real casino where you would probably spend more money on drinks or something similar that is part of the glamor of a real casino. You can have your game blackjack in most online casinos, since the overwhelming majority offers this type of game.

For this you can download the gaming platform or play directly from the browser if the casino offers you this option. This is a fascinating game with centuries of history and one that can be mastered with a little practice.

To avoid losses, play Blackjack free online. So you can practice and improve all your game blackjack skills without even having to take a chance.

The only downside when playing for free is that you will not be able to win cash prizes, which you can do when you feel ready to start winning at Blackjack tables.